CG Chatter 012: Senior Graphic Artist & Art Department Manager Melsen Carlsburg


Welcome to the CG Chatter Podcast episode #12! In this episode I chat with my brother, Melsen Carlsburg, Senior Graphic Artist & Art Department Manager at Three Twins Productions. Mel is a super talented guy and it was a pleasure learning about his art and music background, fast-paced graphic design work at a screen printing shop, and tips on good ergonomics and work/life balance.

Mel shared a link with me which is very helpful to understanding some of the terms he uses when discussing screen printing (i.e. registration and trap), and is a great resource in general for those interested in learning more about the process. Check it out here.

Highlights include:

  • Why our last names are similar but different
  • Melsen’s diverse creative background
  • The role piano and music has played in his life
  • Finding ways to work his artistic ideas into school projects
  • Homemade Christmas presents
  • Mel’s “Boone” creatures
  • His college class on silkscreen printmaking
  • How he was connected to his current job
  • His transition into working digitally and learning on the job
  • A detailed explanation of screen printing and different types of fabric printing
  • What Melsen’s workdays look like
  • Different methods of screen printing separations
  • Mel’s path to Oberlin Conservatory and then Oberlin College
  • How music and math intersect with his work
  • The role of muscle memory in computer graphics
  • Time management (check below for a sample day from Mel’s spreadsheet)
  • The value of being able to make good estimates
  • Tips for good ergonomics (check below for a picture of Mel’s standing desk setup and a link to his favorite marble mouse)
  • The value of compartmentalizing your work time and non-work time
  • Mel teaching himself JavaScript on the side
  • Different ways of viewing the “life and death” framework
  • Reference to Dana Loud’s “double dip” approach from episode 4
  • Find work that you’re passionate about!
  • Mel’s tote bag designs (see “featured work” image below)

Episode links:

Mel’s standing desk setup:
012_MelsenCarlsburg_Pic1Sample day from Mel’s spreadsheet:

Featured Work:

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