CG Chatter 005: Lead Animator Amanda Warner


Welcome to the CG Chatter Podcast episode #5! In this episode I was lucky to get to chat with Amanda Warner, Lead Animator for Giant Spacekat. Like a couple previous guests, I met Amanda through school, after which she went on to start a career in animation and game design. She has worked on several exciting projects, perhaps most notably on Revolution 60 with Giant Spacekat for iOS (coming soon to PC!), as well as a new title currently in development called Cupcake Crisis. Amanda had some great insights to share and I can’t wait for you to hear the episode!

Highlights include:

  • How having kids can help with productivity and keeping you on a schedule
  • Amanda’s comic book
  • How having a mentor helped her career and growth as an animator
  • Teaching at Mount Ida College
  • How Amanda schedules her time working from home
  • Dabbling in sound work and lighting
  • Amanda’s animation workflow
  • Working in Unreal
  • Her inspiration and motivation for creating Cupcake Crisis, a new game geared toward toddlers
  • Giant Spacekittens, the “kids division” of Giant Spacekat
  • Value of adhering to a 9am-5pm schedule, even when freelancing
  • The problem with “crunch” in the game industry
  • Tips on starting a career

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