CG Chatter 004: Senior Environment Artist Dana Loud


Welcome to the CG Chatter Podcast episode #4! I’m pleased to welcome senior environment artist Dana Loud. I met Dana through school, before he was working at Turbine and he’s been a great resource for me whenever I’ve had questions about things like environment art pricing or when I’m seeking referrals of other 3D artists. He’s a really nice guy who’s passionate about games and the work that he does, and I’m excited to introduce him to you in this episode.

Highlights include:

  • Dana’s entry into modding at age 12
  • His education and start in Information Technology, and how that’s been helpful for his game work
  • Dana’s decision to go back to school for 3D
  • How Dana finally landed his dream job working in games
  • Day-in-the-life at Turbine, the game studio that produces Lord of the Rings Online (also discussed in episode 2 with Mike Taylor)
  • “Gray-boxing” and the pipeline for environment art
  • Dana’s varied work on a new Game of Thrones mobile title
  • Work/life balance tips
  • Advice on getting into game work
  • Value of putting portfolio pieces in a game engine
  • Dana’s “double dip” approach to personal projects

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