CG Chatter 002: Freelance Animator Mike Taylor


In this episode of the CG Chatter Podcast, I have the privilege of interviewing freelance animator Mike Taylor. I’ve gotten to work with Mike on a couple projects, and not only has he created some great and hilarious animations (only hilarious when appropriate, of course), but he’s also a fantastic team member who is always helpful, good-natured, and easy to work with.

Mike started working in the systems and programming world but, through diligence and hard work (and, he would say, some luck) he ended up working in his dream career of animation. Topics from this episode include:

  • What got Mike interested in animation
  • The huge impact of Animation Mentor (run by folks who used to work for Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic) on his education and career
  • Mike’s transition to animating full-time
  • Day-in-the-life at Turbine, the game studio that produces Lord of the Rings Online
  • What “Scrum” is and how it’s beneficial
  • Filming and finding strange video reference for animations
  • How 3D animators make use of a crash mat at a game studio
  • Employed vs. freelance work
  • Advice for students: where to go to school, how to ask for critiques, and how to find animation work
  • Mike’s management of work/life balance as a freelance animator

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