AboutPic1Greetings! My name is Eric Carlsen and welcome to CG Chatter, your resource for learning about the art, business, and lifestyle of creating computer graphics.

What is CG Chatter?

I created cgchatter.com and the CG Chatter Podcast as a free educational resource for folks interested in getting into the wide world of computer graphics, aka “CG.” Here you’ll learn about ALL aspects of working in CG. Not just technical tips or advice for landing a job, but also other areas I feel are just as important, like how to maintain a good work/life balance, keep on top of your finances and debt, and how to stay connected to what made you fall in love with this field in the first place. You’ll hear not just from me, but also from many other CG artists in various fields and disciplines.

Who is Eric?

I’m a Boston-based CG Artist and Motion Designer and have been creating computer graphics since the turn of the century. By day I am creating and directing animations at a local production company, and by night/weekend I am running cgchatter.com, taking on small freelance gigs, and teaching/tutoring in several computer graphics disciplines and software packages. You can find out more about me and my work at ecarlsen.com.

Where to begin?

I recommend checking out the CG Chatter Podcast, which features interviews with CG artists and is easy to consume on the go. I’ve also compiled a page of resources that I recommend for those working in CG.

Wishing you all the best in your CG ventures!

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